Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common yard and outdoor living questions


When is the best time to start lawn care?

Lots of people think about lawn care in the spring when everything is starting to turn green and plants start coming back to life. Here at Backyard Paradise Landscaping & Ponds (BPLP), we are available year-round to help homeowners plan for the perfect outdoor living space! Naturally, spring tends to be one of our busiest seasons so it’s best not to wait for too long. Ideally, you can contact us in the late winter months to ensure your backyard paradise will be ready to enjoy when those balmy spring days come around.

What are the best-quality products to use for hardscaping?

BPLP uses only the highest quality products to ensure the integrity and durability of your patio. EP Henry pavers are our preferred brand of choice. Regarding other hardscaping materials, such as stone or slate, we work closely with a variety of local wholesalers and can direct you to the best products to meet your vision and needs.

What should I think about before talking to someone about landscaping my yard?

You should have a clear understanding of the functions you want your yard to provide. For example, are you interested in creating an outdoor habitat for birds and wildlife? If so, you will want to think about water features, cover in the form of native shrubs, and food, such as berries, that native plants can provide. 
Are you interested in maximizing play space for an active family or a cozy retreat with a place to entertain?

How long does a typical deck or patio install take?

There is really no such thing as a typical deck or patio install. It depends very much on the time of the year and the size and complexity of the project you have in mind.  Be sure to call us by February or March before the "Spring Rush" so we can dedicate the maximum of time to your project right away.

I want to install a pond, where do I start?

We are experts in pond installation here at BPLP.  Think about what functions you want your pond to serve.  Will it be a focal point for your yard? Are you thinking of including a waterfall or another water feature?  Will you be adding live plants, goldfish, or koi? Having answers to these questions ahead of time will help us design the perfect pond for YOU!